6 Ways To Get Your Ex-Back In 3 Days

We make relationships to enjoy life. Even it perhaps a lot of sacrifices to keep a relationship and to make it work, many of us prefer to make these sacrifices just to have near the person we love and like to spend time with.

Sometimes it happens that a relationship ends even that there is still love between the partners. This happens when one of the partners makes some regular mistakes and has a bad behavior towards the other. But usually the one who is guilty for ending the relationship are men who figures out too late how much it cares about the other and wants to change only after lose her.

There is nothing worst that being dumped by the one you love and believed was "the one". Trying to get a woman back in to your life is difficult. If you lost your true love because of you and really want to get her back, don't desperate. Your situation is not necessarily hopeless.

At some point in life, we all lose something that we really wish we held on to - in this case, you lost your love and you need to get your ex back. Getting back together with your lost love is not about “getting” them back or even relationship repair. It's about wining them back. Winning them back implies a few important things semantically. It implies effort from your part.

First off all call her and tell her that you really want to see her. If she wants to take lunch with you make it so your ex notice that you are changed, that you thought about why did she leave you and she had right because there are many reasons why she left. Apologize sincerely.

If she doesn't want to talk to you by not picking up the phone when you call her, just surprise her by waiting in front of the office where she works and offer to walk her home when her program in over. But before assure that she is not having a boyfriend yet, because it might happen that someone else is waiting for her so your chance is ruined.

Act like you just starting dating, make her feel special. Be honest, and tell her that you still love her. Use the past to your advantage and let her know that anyone deserves a second chance, that things will be different now. Do not stalk her; she might think that you are very desperate. Just tell her that you are ready to make your relationship a priority in your life.

If you can get a date with her, be positive, laugh and smile. Make her feel good. Subtly touch her when she's talking. You must raise the level of attraction between the two of you, if she still loves you; you know that she has a weakness towards you.

If she didn't fall into your arms after your date don’t give up. Call her often and just tell her how you feel. Also you can make something special for her, like sending flowers and buy her gifts. Don't forget about anniversary and birthday.

E-mail her and let her know that you are available any time if she wants to have a date with you. Also assure her that you don't frequent another girls and she is the most important for you.

Be yourself, show her that you don't play games and your intentions are very serious. Also, don't be jealous if she had a date with another guy if she is now ready to get back with you and renounce to the other guy.

With this ways, a little luck and your personal charm you can get your girlfriend back faster than you think.



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